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Python Training Courses in Kochi, Kerala

Python is a high level programming language which is widely used for general-purpose programming. It can also be added onto the existing applications what require a programmable interface. What makes Python an economical language to learn is that it requires only less code to complete basic tasks. Hence it is very easy to learn and is designed keeping in mind the newcomers in the domain. Moreover, Python code is comparatively short than that of java and C++, making it much easier to learn than any other language. Major organization like Google, Yahoo, Disney use Python language making it possible for anyone to earn more and make handful of money. It is also the language which has got the greatest year on year job demand. The fact that Python entails less developers and scripting time on keyboard, enables it to make a great idea that can crystalize faster development thereby giving a person more time develop more on the concepts and transform them into professional grade products.

Why should you enroll for CodeMore’s python training course?

Python training in Kerala has been rapidly expanding since many years. There are many institutes offering Python courses in kochi also. However, choosing the right institute matters as it determines the quality of the training which you gain. Codemore offers best training programs to learn languages and it’s not limited to Python alone. There a number of training programmes intended to improve the skills and overall development of the students. The training imparted gives the students practical knowledge and experience which is essential for development of skills. The class schedule is flexible and it can be changed according to the convenience of the students.

Python course details

Python opens an array of choice in web development. The students will get to learn frameworks like Django and pyramid along with micro frameworks such as Flask and Bottle. They will also get an understanding on advanced content management systems such as Plone and django CMS.

  • The application of Python is more in scientific and numeric computing. Hence the course cover aspects of Pandas which is data analysis and modelling library
  • SciPy which is a set of packages for mathematics, science and engineering
  • IPython which is a powerful interactive shell which includes features like easy editing and recording of a work session
  • Course Curriculum

    Introduction on Python
    • History, features of Python
    • How to start scripting
    • SDLC Models And Methodologies
    • Structure of a python program.
    Fundamental programming I
    • Values and variables of different types
    • Standard input and output
    • Loops, conditions
    • Functions
    • Advanced and inbuilt data types:
      • Strings
      • Lists
      • Tuples
      • Dictionaries
      • Sets
    Advanced programming I
    • OOPs
      • Classes, Objects, Class methods, Static Methods, Operator overloading
    • Optimisation techniques
      • map, reduce, list, filter
      • lambda function
      • iterators, decorators, context managers
    • Exception handling
    • Modules and Packages
    • Standard modules
      • Os
      • Sys
      • Math
      • NumPy
      • Json
    Advanced programming II
    • File read/write with data
    • Data frames using Pandas
      • Creating/modifying/operating on data frames
      • Handling excel/csv files
    • Concurrent processing
      • Multi-Processing
        • Using pipes/queues/locks
      • Multi-Threading
    • TCP/UDP server/client programming
    • Regular expressions
    • Cython
    • Tools: PyLint, PyChecker
  • It is better if attendees have programming knowledge.
  • Attendees have to finish their assignments day to day.
  • What makes us different

    We at CodeMore bring in a collective industry experience in software development training for more than 10 years. We believe in equipping people with the power of collaborative learning which prepares them for future job assignment.

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