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C Sharp Training in Kochi, Kerala

C Sharp is the most preferred programming language for developing various types of .Net applications. C sharp is an Object oriented programming language which was introduced specifically for .NET and hence there are no issues of backward compatibility. When you consider the present day trend, it is seen that C# is of high demand.

C Sharp Course Details

The course offered by Codemore is an entry level program intended for beginners who aspire to develop a career in .NET. So the course starts from the basics of developing a command over the programming language syntax. Besides rendering an understanding of language syntax, the course provides knowledge on good practices to be followed to become a successful software developer. The trainers use teaching methodology in such a way that the C# language taught for this course is used interchangeably for other advanced topics like XML, ADO.NET, Win FORMS etc. You will never regret investing on learning C sharp training courses as it will definitely give you an advantage over others who just know only one programming language.

The course is designed in such a way that in encompasses all the concepts related to the topic for which detailed explanation will be given. It is followed by practical demonstration/walk through of the topic that was covered in the class. The course material will be given to the students and it is of high quality prepared in details by the experts in the domain. The availability of course material will allow you to refresh the topics covered at a later point of time. The course material comprises of information regarding basic concepts, sample programs and walkthroughs which can be used later by the participant and allows them to practice the examples independently thereby developing expertise in the subject.


The participants are expected to have a basic knowledge of any one programming language. There has been no dip in the demand for C# training courses in Kerala which signifies it relevance and popularity in the domain. So don’t wait, choose the right place to begin your C Sharp learning.

Course Curriculum

Microsoft .NET Framework Introduction
  • The .NET Framework - an Overview
  • Framework Components
  • Framework Versions
  • Types of Applications which can be developed using MS.NET
  • MS.NET Base Class Library
  • MS.NET Namespaces
  • MSIL / Metadata and PE files.
  • The Common Language Runtime (CLR)
  • Managed Code
  • MS.NET Memory Management / Garbage Collection
  • Common Type System (CTS)
  • Common Language Specification (CLS)
  • Types of JIT Compilers
  • Security Manager
  • IDE Installation and Configuration
  • Install Visual Studio
  • Key Aspects of the VS.NET IDE
  • Component of VS.NET IDE
  • Introduction to Project and Solution in Studio
  • Entry point method - Main
  • Compiling and Building Projects
  • C # Language Syntax
  • Why Datatypes
  • Reference Type and Value Type
  • Datatypes & Variables Declaration
  • Implicit and Explicit Casting
  • Checked and Unchecked Blocks – Overflow Checks
  • Casting between other datatypes
  • Boxing and Unboxing
  • Enum and Constant
  • Operators
  • Control Statements
  • Working with Arrays
  • Working with Methods
  • Pass by value and by reference and out parameters
  • OOPs-Concepts and Implementation
  • Classes and Objects
  • Object Creation and Instantiation
  • Constructor Basics
  • Inheritance
    • Introduction to Inheritance
    • Constructor & Inheritance
    • Type Casting of Reference Types
    • Static and Dynamic Binding
    • Abstract Class
  • Interface & Polymorphism
    • What is Polymorphism
    • Overview of Interface
    • Interface with examples
    • Types of Inheritance
  • Collections and Generics
  • Introducing Collections
  • Benefits of Collection Classes
  • Understanding and using commonly used collections.
  • Generics
  • Advantages of Generics
  • How Generics Work at Runtime
  • Constraint on Type Parameters
  • Generic Methods
  • Generic Collections
  • Selecting a Collection Class
  • Assemblies and GAC
  • What is a DLL and how is it different from EXE
  • Types of DLL
  • What is an Assembly Assemblies
  • How to build a ClassLibrary?
  • How to use a ClassLibrary in another Application?
  • What is Namespace?
  • Internal Access Specifier
  • Types of Assemblies
  • Global Assembly Cache
  • Exception Handling
  • Defining Exception
  • Understandings try and catch keywords
  • Using “finally” block
  • “using” statement
  • Throwing exceptions
  • Creating User defined/Custom Exception class.
  • Developing GUI Application Using WINFORMS
  • Basic Controls
  • Panel & Layouts
  • Drawing and GDI Devices
  • MenuStrip, ToolbarStrip and ContextMenuStrip
  • Model and Modeless Dialog boxes
  • Mutiple Document Interface( MDI)
  • Form Inheritance
  • Building Login Form
  • Working with Resource Files and Setting
  • Notify Icon Controls
  • Using Components like Timer, FileSystemWatcher, Process, BackgroundWorker
  • Drag and Drop
  • Working with Advanced Controls like TreeView and ListView
  • Database Programming Using ADO.NET
  • Prerequisite - Knowledge of SQL Queries
  • Introduction and Evolution of ADO.NET
  • Understanding the Role of Managed Provider and ADO.NET Objects
  • Installing Required Software - Sql Server and Management studio
  • Connecting to Database and Connection Pooling
  • Performing Insert, Update and Delete Operations
  • Fetching Data from database - Executing Select Statements
  • How to implement Login facility with database
  • Use of Multiple Active Result Sets
  • Parameterized Prepared Statements
  • Inserting Image into Database table
  • Executing Stored Procedure
  • Using Transaction
  • Asynchronous Execution of Queries
  • Writing Provider Independent Code
  • Writing Common Code for Execution of Stored Procedures
  • Quick Overview of all ADO.NET objects
  • •Dataset and Datatable
  • Debugging and Diagnostics
  • What is Debugging?
  • Build Configuration(Debug and Release)
  • List of Debugging Windows
  • Break Point Hit Count and Condition
  • Debugging Exception
  • What is Diagnostics?
  • Debug and Trace Classes
  • Types of Listeners
  • Boolean and Trace Switch
  • Packaging and Deployment
  • File System Editor
  • Registry Editor
  • File Types Editor
  • User Interface Editor
  • Custom Actions
  • Launch Condition Editor
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