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Android Training Course in Kochi, Kerala

First developed by Android Inc. which google backed financially and later purchased in 2005, Android is the world’s most popular operating system. Unlike iOS, android is an open source since it is based on Linux Kernel. When an operating system is open source, it means that that the developers can modify and customize the OS according to the phone. Different phones have different interfaces (Graphical User Interface) even though it is operated on the same OS. Google Nexus One, Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia etc are some examples of Android. In android, you can use all the Google apps available, along with that you can access thousands and millions of games, songs, books and movies.

The android devices are called ‘smart’ because of its unique features and easy accessibility. There is no other platform like android where it is easier to modify according to the need and demand. There are millions of happy customers who use android. It has truly changed the people’s perception of communication itself.

The mobile hardware technology and the network services is getting more and more advanced. Along with that the interfaces are changing, it is getting more user-friendly. With no doubt we can say, that in the future years, there will be high demand for android developers.

Why should you join Codemore’s for Android training course?

Codemore offers professional training in Android Development, where the candidates will receive hands-on experience on areas like designing and building android apps. Even though many institutes offer training in android development, what makes Codemore different is that you can gain experience by working with actual projects.

The course includes understanding the History of Android, Architecting, Debugging and Testing Android Apps, Android Security Overview, learning about the Advanced User Interface, Data Storage Techniques, Lists and Adapters, Fragments etc. At the end of the session, you will get the course completion certificate as the android developer.

By the end of the course you will be confident enough to face the competitions in the tech-world. Take up the opportunity and go for your dreams, join Codemore now !

What makes us different

We at CodeMore bring in a collective industry experience in software development training for more than 10 years. We believe in equipping people with the power of collaborative learning which prepares them for future job assignment.

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